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  Gyricon Media Roll of Smartpaper

SmartPaper" is a reusable display material that has many of the properties of regular paper:
  •  stores an image
  •  viewed in reflective light
  •  has a wide viewing angle
  •  flexible
  •  relatively inexpensive
Unlike conventional paper, however, it is electrically writeable and erasable.
smartpaper diagram

  Produced in a roll, like old-fashioned paper,
  SmartPaper" is actually two sheets of thin plastic
  with millions of tiny bichromal beads
  embedded in between.

Hand holding beads Each bead is smaller than a grain of sand
and has a different color on each half or side .
The hemispheres are also charged differently
(i.e. positive or negative).

Bead Animation SmartPaper" beads reside in their own cavities
within the flexible sheet of material, so that under
the influence of a voltage applied to the surface, they
rotate to present one side or the other to the viewer.
This image stays in place until a new voltage pattern
is applied, which erases the previous image
and generates a new one.

Part of the MaestroSign" family of products …changing the way you conduct business.