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Maestro Sign

Template-based retail signs featuring SmartPaper" technology with programmable text, prices and graphic images.

MaestroSigns are the next generation of retail communication. Utilizing revolutionary SmartPaper" Technology, retailers can change product names, prices and descriptions electronically, making old-fashioned printed signs obsolete. As a stand-alone unit, or part of a MaestroWare" driven network, MaestroSign" will change the way you conduct business.

  •  Portable, wireless operation (networked versions utilize RF)
  •  Low power requirement (3 AA batteries run a sign for

  • more than a year)
  •  Programmable, real-time flexibility (change any message
    in seconds)
  •  Centralized and local control (all networked signs
    chain-wide updated on site  or from your headquarters)
  •  Reads like paper from any viewing angle
  •  Customizable graphics and promotional messages (up to four)
  •  Remote monitoring of battery level and performance status
  •  Attention-grabbing flashing content option
  •  Cost savings in labor, materials, logistics, price accuracy fines
  •  Price integrity (sign prices utilized from existing POS database)
  •  Positive customer response (image, confidence in pricing)
  •  More effective promotions via real-time deployment and feedback
  •  Dynamic pricing (leading to improved margins, sales lift)
   Multiple Image Programmable Text
Size 1.   2.5 x 5
2.      3 x 5
1.       7 x 11
2.   10.5 x 11
3.      11” x 14”
Custom Size Yes: Quantities > 10,000 Yes: Quantities > 100,000
Custom Graphics Standard Standard on MFI Sections
Color Black & White standard Black & White standard
Updates/Network Stand alone 1. RF 802.11B compatible
2. Hand-held devices
Software None
Two-Sided No Optional
Name MaestroSign" MFI MaestroSign"


Operation and Control Details
Signs can be controlled via a wireless network using an intuitive user interface, which will support 1000s of signs at a site and can interface to the clients LAN and/or the internet.

Image Controller On-board controller with embedded software controls the sequences of images shown on the sign. Selection between pre-programmed sequences can be made by the user via a hand-held remote or a wireless link to a central controller.

Wireless Operation System optionally includes two-way wireless communication with each of the signs at a given store. The signs are controlled using powerful, intuitive MaestroWare software on-site or remotely over a network.

Hand held Operation A hand-held device that incorporates a scanner can be used to change the sign display on the sales floor. MaestroWare" software functions are reachable via the hand-held to associate a sign with a particular product (by scanning the sign and the product) or location (by scanning the sign and a fixture).

  •  Graphic design
  •  Image and Housing Design & Manufacturing
  •  Installation (wireless network surveys, system integration, sign installations)
  •  Maintenance (batteries, quality checks, image board swaps)
  •  Sign content management
  •  Report generation correlating merchandising information with sign contents

Image Content

Images Images are binary graphics.

Programmable Text Prices A selection of type characters, symbols, or font styles are available.

Resolution Programmable font sizes of 1 inch and above are supported, fixed messages are supported in sizes of 24 points and above.

Part of the MaestroSign™ family of products …changing the way you conduct business.