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  Gyricon Media
Communication will never be the same.
Gyricon Media is the only company in the world with SmartPaper", the astounding technological breakthrough poised to change communication forever. Developed at PARC (the renowned Palo Alto Research Center) incredible SmartPaper" does many of the things a LCD screen does, yet is thin, flexible and surprisingly affordable.

Gyricon is putting this technology to work in an ever-growing portfolio of product and service offerings, each designed to improve the profitability of businesses who harness them ...and the lives of consumers who experience the difference they make. These innovative business solutions are practical, labor saving, cost effective and environmentally friendly.

The first major utilization of SmartPaper" is through MaestroSign" Systems, a combined software / hardware solution that provides retailers the power of truly dynamic pricing. The system seamlessly "syncs" retailer planograms, store display signage and POS databases -- for remarkable bottom line benefits. Individual Maestro product signs are wireless, writeable, erasable, and provide retailers unprecedented flexibility in reacting to market conditions.

Headquartered in Ann Arbor, MI with offices in Palo Alto, CA and Canton, MA, Gyricon Media Inc. was founded in 2000, after being spun off from Xerox Corporation. Gyricon Media staff includes former Xerox PARC researchers, who developed SmartPaper" technology and software professionals with expertise in the retail signage software business. The company is managed by a group of seasoned international executives.

Home of the MaestroSign" family of products …changing the way you conduct business.